36 Hour Bridge Shutdown 11/2014

I had the pleasure of being chosen to utilize three types of image capture on a major rail project for McHugh Construction Co. This 36 hour project literally shut down two BNSF railroad bridges in the towns of Princeton and Wyenet, Illinois. McHugh had built all bridge piersĀ  and spans during the spring and summer in 2014, and the shut down allowed McHugh to remove the old tracks and ties, cut out the original steel bridge structure, lay precast rail bed spans and and then drop rail lengths onto the precast spans and then pour the ballast rock onto the rail ties to complete. I rigged two time lapse cameras, one at each bridge location and then traveled extensively all weekend long between the two sites to capture the demolition and construction action. This was performed with videography and still photography. These guys worked all weekend long. My first shift was 16 hours. This was a highly memorable assignment. The man in charge for McHugh was Steve Wiley. I would certainly work for him again.