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Dihydroboldenone Cypionate?

Anabolics Steroids - this is what every gym visitor seeks, but is it so easy to pump this muscle group?
Dihydroboldenone Cypionate shoulder girdle
Dihydroboldenone Cypionate pump shoulders
Wide, strong men's shoulders - the dreams of girls and the secret dream of all men without exception. Someone nature has already bestowed on them, and for this it is necessary for someone to work seriously to achieve the desired results. In any case, this can be done - there would be a desire, and as for the choice of means to achieve the goal, there are plenty of them. So the question of how to pump shoulders has a simple answer: dumbbells, horizontal bar, barbell, push-ups.

In this article we will consider two options for effective exercises in order to pump shoulders at home. The first way: classes exclusively with the weight of your own body. The second way: exercise with dumbbells.

Weight training

How to pump up shoulders at home, without having at hand dumbbells and other sports range? Everything is very simple. To pump up the muscles of the shoulder girdle, and especially the deltas, with the help of which the shoulder volume is formed, pulling and push-ups are most often performed.

Types of pull-ups:

1. Pull-up wide, narrow and medium grip. Such exercises pump the upper part of the shoulder girdle well.

2. Pull-ups with reverse grip. In this case, the palms of your hands will look at you.

3. Pull the head very well work out the muscles of the back, as well as lagging behind many of the rear delta.

Pushups are:

1. Classic push-ups. For the most part, the pectoral muscles will work in this exercise, but the shoulder girdle will also be activated. Narrow hands will involve the triceps and the middle delta, and if you put your hands wider, then in addition to the middle bundle you can also use the front bundle of the delta. In order to use the muscles of the shoulder girdle to the maximum, try to do push-ups not up to the floor, but slightly higher, so that only the deltas work.

2. Push-ups on the uneven bars. The shoulder girdle, in this case, will work only when you go up. Therefore, dropping as much as possible down, rise, not straightening to the end of the hand. Then go down again. So you should feel well the work of the deltoid muscles.

3. Pushups on one arm well toned shoulder girdle. It is important to consider one thing: the wider the legs, the easier it is to perform the exercise, but the less stress on the muscles. So choose a suitable position for yourself.

4. Push-ups in the handstand. This exercise may seem a little tricky for a beginner, but if you lean it against a wall, it will be much easier. So you can work out the muscles of the shoulder girdle well.

Dumbbell training

If you want to diversify your workouts, read below how to pump shoulders with dumbbells. You will need to use a special set of exercises. With the help of various dumbbells, the muscles of the entire shoulder girdle, and in particular the posterior, middle and anterior deltas, are well worked out.

1. Shragi. This exercise works through the trapezius muscle, as well as the widest back muscle. And after your regular exercise this exercise can be envied!

Stand up, keeping the body straight. Hands with dumbbells lowered. Perform lifting dumbbells, but not at the expense of the arms, but by putting into work only the trapezius muscles, lifting shoulders as high as possible.

2. Vertical thrust - uses almost the entire shoulder girdle: deltas, trapezius muscle and biceps.

Take the dumbbells. Stand up straight. The back is straight. Bending your arms, draw your elbows to the sides. Raise your hands to the middle of the chest. Do not lower your elbows. Try to fix the case without swinging it. Next, put your hands with dumbbells down.

3. Bench sitting as much as possible includes a shoulder girdle in work.

Sitting on the bench, keep your back straight. Raise the dumbbells up, but at the end point try not to straighten your arms to the end. Lower the dumbbells, spreading your elbows to the sides, to shoulder level.

4. Bench Arnold It is also necessary to include in the complex of exercises for working out cypionate the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Stand up straight, arms bent in the elbows, place them with dumbbells in front of you so that your palms are looking at you. Raise dumbbells up and in the process of movement, unfold palms 180 degrees. Until the end of your hand, try not to straighten, feeling muscle tension. Return to the starting position by turning your palms towards you.

5. Isolating the front and middle deltas in isolation. lifting dumbbells in front of you.

Stand up straight, keeping the body level. Take the dumbbells, arms down and slightly bend at the elbows. Palms direct to yourself. Raise the dumbbells just above shoulder level. Smoothly put your hands in the starting position. Doing the exercise, try to keep the body motionless.

So, include these exercises in your workout and soon you will be able to build shoulders and gain the wide torso that many people desire.
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