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Boldenone undecylenate training load

You are stalled in your training progress, are in a state of "stagnation" or, even worse, overwork or overtraining?
You are stalled in your training progress, are in a state of "stagnation" or, even worse, overwork or overtraining? The most common advice you will get from a trainer or a more experienced training friend is: "Change the training program". Moreover, the argument is likely to be quite vague: "muscles need a variety", "the body needs a shake" etc. What exactly is the variety, what is concrete - in the weight of the burden, time under load, the number of approaches, in the exercises? How much, why, why? Accurate, physiologically sound, the answer you will hear infrequently. 

Often, a change in the training program is that the athlete, instead of "bending arms with sitting dumbbells" starts to do "concentrated bending"instead of "french bench press" - "French bench press" etc. Did the athlete change his program? Not! If the main Boldenone undecylenate training load of these two programs has not changed, then, in essence, this is the same program. 

What is this Boldenone undecylenate?

Consider them in more detail.

Training loads are determined by the following indicators: a) the intensity of the workout; b) the amount of training; c) the nature of the exercises. Please note that the definition of such characteristics as the volume and intensity of the load will differ from the definitions adopted in various sports.

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So, in order.

Load intensity

Intensity - is an integral Boldenone undecylenate, reflecting as the boldenone undecylenate value of the external load (so-called "external" intensity), and the degree of human effort in overcoming it ("internal" intensity). It is important to keep in mind that "external" Intensity is objective, it is closely related to the power developed during exercises. The more power an athlete develops, the greater will be the intensity of his training.

Power called the amount of work performed per unit of time. Power can be defined as work (F • d) divided by the amount of time (Dt) or the product of force (F) and speed (v).

Job - is a value that characterizes how far an object can be displaced in a certain direction when force is applied. 

"Internal" intensity - subjective, to a large extent, it depends on the psychophysical abilities of the person. For example, explaining the impossibility of continuing the execution of the last repetition by the onset of "of failure", two different athletes can put completely different meanings into this concept, reflecting the very different values ??of their efforts in performing this repetition. 

Consider examples of the manifestation of various types of intensity.

Suppose an athlete performs an exercise at one workout. "bench press" with a barbell weighing 100 kg in 6 repetitions, and on the other - with a weight of 90 kg in 12 repetitions. The pace, speed and other kinematic indicators are the same. However, the athlete managed to perform 6 repetitions with a weight of 100 kg rather easily, whereas 12 repetitions with a weight of 90 kg were performed "to failure"using one "forced" repetition. "External" the intensity of the load will be more on the first workout, "internal" - On the second. 

However, in most cases, these Boldenone undecylenate are the same, which makes it possible to apply relatively separate training sessions or periods of the training process. "intensity".

Load volume - Boldenone undecylenate, associated with work (U), performed by a person to overcome external resistance or to counteract it, as well as with energy (E) spent by him in the manifestation of strength abilities boldenone for this work. It is believed that the work performed by the system is equal to the change in energy in the system, i.e. the job requires energy. The relationship between work and energy can be written as

U = DE

Performing 15 reps with a barbell weighing 80 kg will be a more volumetric load than squats weighing 120 kg for 6 reps, however, less intense. An example of the manifestation of the maximum volumetric load will be marathon competitions, manifestations of the most intense load - weightlifting competitions.

In most cases, Boldenone undecylenate "volume" and "intensity" in relation to a separate training lesson are at different poles. Usually, in different periods of macro- or mesocycles, either high-volume and low-intensity training, or low-volume and high-intensity training, or training with a different ratio of volume and intensity are used. Trainings at the same time both volume and intensive are applied only during rather limited period of time, within so-called. "drums" microcycles, exerting an extremely stressful load on the athlete’s body and forcing him to train during this period in conditions of under-restoration. 

Consider the examples of increasing the intensity and volume during training with weights.

The intensity increases with:

- Increasing the weight of the burden.

- Approaching state "of failure" in the last iterations of the approach.

- Reducing the pause between approaches.

- Increasing the speed of movement ("external" intensity) or, sometimes, its decrease ("internal" intensity).

- The use of various techniques ("forced reps", "cheating", "weight reduction method", "supersets" and etc.) 

Volume increases with: 

- Increasing the number of repetitions in a separate approach.

- Increasing the number of approaches in the exercise.

- Increase the number of exercises on a separate muscle group.
Boldenone undecylenate Boldenone undecylenate
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