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This website is an online portfolio. It exists to illustrate my capabilities as a professional photographer. Not only technically but as a showcase of the diversity of subject matter that is inherent in these images. I in turn must say that I have been fortunate to be employed by the architectural, engineering and construction industries for close to three decades. Ultimately these images are a testimony to them.

I know of no other industry that for a photographer the creative possibility exists alongside their ever changing methods and techniques, the materials and finishes that they integrate and the concepts that seem bold for now but become just another color in the broad spectrum of their ideas.

I truly enjoy the repartee with the construction superintendent when photographing construction progress. This isn’t glamorous work but is a tool for builders and architects still since the days of the boilerplate specifications of Perkins & Will Architects. Much of this practice has been sent the way of the passenger pigeon due to the ubiquity of digital cameras but if third party documentation still means something in a legal sense there is a reason for being.

The final architectural image is where the art is and frankly where the money is. This is where what has been learned and absorbed through the years is honed and ultimately placed on the ground glass for the resultant image. I make it clear to my clients I will be able to handle all facets of this work from working with property management to gain access, to stylizing the scenes on to the final cut. It is this work, whether locally or a plane ride away that will keep me interested and creating interesting images for another three decades.

My work for engineers is another world unto it’s own.  Photographing the Deep Tunnel project, where three hundred feet below the surface is a serpentine world of drilling rigs and concrete forming along with the men and woman that make it all happen. Putting on film the process by which dynamite is used to break up slag in a steel mill. Illustrating the changes in the modern American workplace at the Virginia Beach Ford plant whereby robotic welders have replaced the human but created another hiring field for those schooled in the maintenance of these machines.

I have flown into or out of FBO’s in ten states. The aerial photography I am asked to do runs the gamut of construction and engineering. Schools, wastewater treatment plants, corporate campus, hospitals, sports arenas, railroad hubs and intermodal, subdivisions, dams and weirs, and highway construction. A pilot I contracted for aerial photography for many years was at one time an acrobatic flyer so needless to say if I needed a particular angle, a necessary maneuver to attain the shot I could just make the hand motions and it was done. Over the vast farmland of western Illinois we would barnstorm, fly at an altitude of ten feet off the ground, the corn tassels you could almost reach out and touch. He moved away and got married.

I hope to see you down the road!

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