Costco Chicken Processing Plant Fremont Nebraska

At full capacity Costco will process 100,000,000 chickens annually at their Fremont Nebraska Processing Facility. I had the extreme pleasure and am grateful for the opportunity to photograph this project for a number of different entities. Foremost on the list the architect, MG2 out of Seattle, and Whiting Turner Construction Co. Fascinating mechanical engineering and design along with the concepts that oversee the cultivation of the poultry in surrounding farms to the final packaging for US consumers is evident everywhere. Nothing has been left to chance from the cleanliness of this sprawling complex to the care of the poultry. I was truly amazed and to think that after spending a total of two weeks on site I never saw one knife.

Kluczynski Federal Building Owner Training Videography

After having given up my first born to gain security credentials through the Federal Government I am working with Pepper Construction Company to provide videography  and editing services of the operation and maintenance of all the site vital building mechanical systems. I am working closely with Pepper staff and all the Kluczynski personnel who will be responsible for maintaining and operating the HVAC, Fire Alarm, Security, and many other systems throughout the building. I think ALL of this is missed on the general public. Most people don’t understand how the architecture of the buildings they inhabit brightens their day and how comfortable environments are so closely monitored so that it might just be a twist of a dial to gain a comfort level for the site occupant.

Thornton Quarry

A very interesting project recently photographed is the Thornton Quarry / Deep Tunnel Project in Thornton, Illinois. Three hundred feet below the surface Walsh Construction puremuscles Co and buy Atkinson Construction Co. are combining efforts to tunnel through rock to limestone quarries, huge cavities in the earth that will eventually store torrential rainwater. This will eliminate the need to release raw sewage from the overburdened sewage treatment plants into Lake Michigan and will alleviate basement flooding in cities and towns from the far south suburbs to the far northern suburbs.This project has been under construction for kamagra pl over thirty years.

Raleigh Durham, North Carolina

I recently traveled to Raleigh Durham North Carolina to photograph material handling installations for a company that provides cloth material to many industries. Interlake-Mecalux designed and installed racking systems with roller conveyance and special shelving to hold long bolts of material. Seeing storage rack thirty feet high stretching for a hundred feet completely full with TriVantage Inc. material shows some sectors of the economy are thriving.